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Reiki is a wonderful and gentle energy modality that has many benefits. It can be beneficial by itself, or as I do; combined with counselling.  It is great for relieving anxiety, releasing emotional pain and for obtaining awareness and insight. It connects you more deeply to yourself; psychologically and spiritually and is wonderfully soothing for the body. It leaves you feeling more at peace, balanced, grounded and ‘together’; more connected to your inner experience. If you are having counselling combined with Reiki, it is a great way to deepen the process of integration and healing from depression, anxiety and grief!  Learn About Margot

This therapeutic modality uses qi, IE. life force, to bring body, spirit, mind and emotions back into balance; creating holistic homeostasis.  Ongoing Reiki treatment can have a profound effect on your well-being; noticeable in your day to day life. As a practitioner I have been attuned to Reiki energy. It flows through me and out of my hands as I work and guides me where to put my hands and gives me insights about the client.

During a Reiki session you will be lying down, face up or face down, fully clothed on a massage table. As the practitioner I will be moving around the table putting my hands on different parts of your body and above your body. As the client you might experience the energy as heat, coolness, colours or just as a nice relaxed feeling. You might become very at ease and/or emotional issues might come to the surface for release.

In my holistic counselling practice I use Reiki amongst other psycho-therapeutic processes. Sometimes I might recommend a client to have a 40 minute Reiki and 20 minute talk after. Or alternatively I might finish off a session with a 15 minute Reiki.

Reiki is a very gentle, pleasurable and nurturing experience that stays and keeps working with you over the ensuing days of a session.

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Is Reiki with Margot for you? Please call or email Margot to talk about your specific needs, everyone is different.  Ph: 0418 992 166 or email [email protected]

$125 for an hour session or $460 for 4 sessions paid on the first session.

Payment is in Cash, Credit Card or Direct Deposit (payment on first session).

Cancellation Policy
Please be aware that cancellation of session is required 2 days before the agreed session and that non-attendance and late cancellation will incur full payment of agreed session time.

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