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Holistic Counselling for Depression

If you have landed on this page, either you yourself or someone close to you may have been experiencing depression. Depression can seem like a dead end, no future in sight and just so much sadness and despair. You are (or the person close to you is) needing and wanting to make a change.

Working as a therapist with people with depression, it is wonderful to see when people have made that decision; when they are ready to make change happen; choosing to take that leap and allowing themselves to be supported and guided towards a happier life. It is the making of this decision that makes all the difference! Whatever I have to offer in therapy is magnified and fuelled by your willingness to help yourself.

Holistic Councelling & Body-Oriented Psychotherapy sessions offer a space of confidentiality, trust, listening and support allowing you to express feelings, tell your story, self-reflect in order to move forward into a happier life. It is also a space for learning and remembering what is meaningful to you and bringing that into your life. Besides working to help you to work with the symptoms of depression we also look at the core cause of the depression to integrate and resolve it.

Each session you will take away tools for Self-Care; Self-Expression; Self-Empowerment and a Sense of Direction. These tools will be particular to you; made to suit your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and dreams. Integration of these tools into your life then is an investment in self right now and into the future.

About Your Holistic Psychotherapist
As a therapist my aim is not only to listen and witness, but also to facilitate a deeper awareness by means of talking therapy, meditation/visualisation, drawing, writing, posture and movement awareness (CoreEvolution Body-Oriented Psychotherapy). In this way, not only your mental faculty is engaged, but your intuitive, subconscious and creative ones as well.

A small amount of ‘homework’ is given in order to keep up emotional expression and release between sessions and to bed-down new tools to action change straight away. Examples of  homework are journalling, having your own particular kind of fun, mindfulness sensory awareness exercises etc.

A little more about me

I’d like to tell you a bit more about myself so you can get a better idea of what kind of person I am and what kind of therapist I can be for you.
Firstly, I have over 15 years experience as a holistic counsellor. In that time I have worked with depression, anxiety, major life changes (voluntary and involuntary) and couples. I use a range of psychotherapeutic modalities such as meditation, mindfulness, body psychotherapy and Reiki. Besides helping people with symptoms of depression and unhappiness, I support people to build and live the life of their dreams in many practical and creative.

My passion

My passion is to live wholeheartedly. This includes my expression of self as a mother of 2, an artist, poet, writer and piano player, friend, counsellor and business woman. My writing covers articles on living philosophy, metaphorical stories of universal life experience and writing on the practicalities of everyday living and being. www.margotbroug.com.au/stories/
The way I approach my practice is thoroughly influenced by my creative process as an artist and also my ongoing journey participating and facilitating InterPlay here in Newcastle and other parts of the country. Where Body-Oriented Psychotherapy is regulating and integrative, InterPlay is creative and expressive. www.interplayaus.com.au

My Journey

My own journey has involved many big changes, risks, hurdles and growth. I moved to Australia by myself from the Netherlands in 1992. That year I got married and lived in Victoria for the next 18 years. I struggled with depression and anxiety before and after the birth of my first child, which was compounded by a heart condition and multiple procedures to have this rectified.
It is through these experiences that I learned to live from the inside out; through the will of my heart. I found ways out of anxiety, depression, emptiness and loneliness by always looking inside, particularly into my own heart. This journey of following my passion is what lead me and my family to move to Newcastle in 2009, the place I am very happy to call home.I know how to move through and beyond unhappiness from my own experience and from my experience as a therapist. I continue to be passionate and continue to grow my experience in helping others do the same.

My commitment to you

My commitment to living wholeheartedly and creatively therefore continues to grow my skill and insight which directly flows into my work with clients.

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Please call Margot on 0418 992 166 or email [email protected]
Fee Structure
$135 for an hour session
$520 for 4 prepaid sessions. (must be paid on first session).Payment
Payment is in Cash or Direct Deposit (prior to first session).

Cancellation Policy: Please be aware that cancellation of session is required 2 days before the agreed session and that non-attendance and late cancellation will incur full payment of agreed session time.

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