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Holistic Counselling for Relationships

If you have landed on this page it might be because you have been experiencing difficulty in your relationship.  Any relationship has its happy moments and also its not so good moments. Daily life takes over and before you know it the scale of relationship happiness has tipped towards the not so good moments. Over the years of being together you have created a foundation for your lives together and anyone who shares in that, like children, extended family and friends. Some of the foundation is beautiful and strong, whereas other parts are worn out and no longer work. To tip the scales towards couple-happiness again, you as a couple make the decision that you’re ready for change!  As couples come in many shapes, I work with Straight  and LGBTQUI couples.

Separation: There are also couples who realise that they might have come to the end of their coupledom and would like to separate in a way that allows for a good ending. In the case of being parents of children, it means learning how to be co-parents. You’ll no longer be a couple, but still have the relationship that allows you to co-parent your children with mutual respect and appropriate boundaries and clear communication.

Are you both ready?

Working as a therapist with couples, it is wonderful to see when both individuals have made that decision; when they are ready to make change happen; choosing to take that leap and allowing themselves to be supported and guided towards a happier relationship and life.  It is the making of this decision that makes all the difference! Whatever I have to offer in therapy is magnified and fuelled by your willingness to help yourself; both of you.

Couple Counselling Review :  H.K Newcastle

I came to counselling with Margot because my partner and I have been fighting a lot. Not only did she help us learn how to communicate more effectively with each other, she helped us as individuals, teaching us new ways to understand ourselves. In just a few sessions I have learned many new techniques to help become more grounded and connected within myself and with my partner. Margot’s presence is calming and both my partner and I felt at ease talking with her about our troubles. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of themselves, and to learn better ways of communicating with those close to you. I look forward to my next session with Margot! – H. K., Newcastle

The Process

Holistic Counselling for Couples sessions offer a space of confidentiality, trust, listening and support allowing you to express feelings, tell your story, self-reflect in order to move forward into a happier life. It is also a space for learning and remembering what is meaningful to you as a couple and bringing that into your life. You’ll learn new ways of communicating; understand and appreciate yourself and your partner more deeply as well.

When we first start a relationship we often just unconsciously live together; carried by the power of the initial falling in love. When we’ve been together longer, past patterning from our family or culture might come to stand in the way, without us even realising it. We might just have a feeling of not loving the other or being loved as we used to be. We might not feel as attracted to our partner as we used to or we find we are arguing more and more.

In working with couples I use a structure of combined and individual sessions.Each session you will take away tools for Self-Care; Self-Expression; Self-Empowerment and a Sense of Direction. These tools will be particular to you; made to suit your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and dreams. Integration of these tools into your life then is an investment in yourself and your relationship.

A small amount of ‘homework’ is given in order to keep up emotional expression and release between sessions and to bed-down new tools to action change straight away. Examples of  homework are journalling, having your own particular kind of fun and mindfulness exercises.

Couples counselling fees

Session structure $820:
1st week > combined session
2nd week > 1 individual session each
3rd week > 1 individual session each
4th Week > combined session

After this any combined session is still at the reduced rate of $150 and individual session at the reduced rate of $130.
One-off sessions are normally $160 for couples and $135 for individual sessions…

About Your Holistic Counsellor

As a therapist my aim is not only to listen and witness, but also to facilitate a deeper awareness by means of talking therapy, meditation/visualisation, writing, CoreEvolution Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, Reiki and so on. In this way, not only your mental faculty is engaged, but your intuitive, subconscious and creative ones as well. A small amount of ‘homework’ is given in order to keep up emotional expression and release between sessions and to bed-down new tools to action change straight away. Examples of  homework are journalling, having your own particular kind of fun, mindfulness sensory awareness exercises etc.

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Phone/Text: 0418 992 166 or email [email protected] Please leave a message if Margot is unavailable as she may be with another client.


Payment is in cash or direct deposit (prior to first session).

Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that cancellation of session is required 2 days before the agreed session and that non-attendance and late cancellation will incur full payment of agreed session time.

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