Counselling for Individuals


…. in life comes from living meaningfully and authentically; learning to grow and nurture yourself in all aspects your life. If you have been experiencing…
– Mid-Life Crisis
– Depression
– Confusion/Indecision
– Relationship/ Marriage Problems
– Anxiety
– Anger
– Lack of direction
– Addiction
– Grief
– OCD ( obsessive compulsive disorder )

Or Just Plain Unhappiness…

… and you want and need to make a change for yourself…..

Then making the decision to have counseling is choosing to support yourself in taking that step towards happiness!!And before you know it you’ll be moving forward; living the life you want to live. You’ll gain understanding and awareness of yourself and of what has brought you to the point of unhappiness. You’ll find and use new creative ways for living and dealing with the hurdles life throws up.

Holistic Counselling & Body-Oriented Psychotherapy (CoreEvolution Therapy) sessions offer a space of confidentiality, trust and support allowing you to express feelings, tell your story, self-reflect in order to move forward into a happier life. It is also a space for learning and remembering what is meaningful to you and bringing that into your life.

Each session you will take away tools for Change; Self-Care; Self-Expression; Self-Empowerment and a Sense of Direction. These tools will be particular to you; made to suit your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and dreams. Integration of these tools into your life then is an investment in self right now and into the future.

About Your Holistic Counselling Experience

My aim is is to support you to move through the difficulties that have brought you to counselling; by facilitating integration of core emotional issues and patterning; by giving you practical instructions in regulating and releasing difficult feelings and anxiety. What’s more…. beyond overcoming those difficulties, you will also explore and learn ways to lay a foundation for your life ahead; what do you want to live; what are your dreams…..?

My approach as a counsellor-psychotherapist, besides listening and witnessing, is to facilitate your deeper awareness of who you are and how you can live that. My repertoire comprises talking therapy, body-oriented psychotherapy, meditation/visualisation, mindfulness, drawing, writing, somatic and sensory awareness. In this way, not only your mental faculty is engaged, but your intuitive, subconscious and creative ones as well.

A small amount of ‘homework’ is given in order to keep up emotional expression and release between sessions and also to bed-down new tools for action change straight away. Examples of homework are journalling, having your own particular kind of fun, mindfulness & sensory awareness exercises etc.

No Obligation Free Chat

If Holistic Counselling sounds like the thing you’re looking for, call or email me to talk about your specific needs, everyone is different.

Ph: 0418 992 166 or email [email protected]

Fee Structure
$135 for an hour session
$520 for 4 prepaid sessions. (paid at first session)


Payment is in Cash or Direct Deposit (prior to first session).

Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that cancellation of session is required 2 days before the agreed session and that non-attendance and late cancellation will incur full payment of agreed session time.

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