About Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

What is it?

Body-Oriented Psychotherapy offers a way of overcoming and integrating trauma, regulating 
and diffusing anxiety, depression and difficult feelings. It also offers a way to exercise choice in how you
experience life and how you want to shape it and then….. how to action those choices.

The technique is based on a mindful somatic awareness which is incredibly quick and practical in its use and effectiveness. The technique in itself becomes a way of being; changing how you can live who you are; increasing the choices open to you and improving your connections with others.

How does it work?

Through mindful somatic awareness you focus to observe how your body reacts physically to stressful situations. How often do you catch yourself not breathing, with your shoulders up around your ears or standing on the outsides of your feet?

Becoming aware and observing the physical sensations, you can use the breath to become present and relaxed; sometimes just being aware allows the body to let go. And once it lets go, it releases the difficult feelings that came with it.

Often we only become aware of these patterned physical reactions when we suffer their strain physically or their pain emotionally. We are used to nearly obsessively ‘thinking things through’ to try and resolve our emotional pain; leading to anxiety, worry and distress. We try to fix things in our head, endlessly trying to think up ways of changing the outside world to get away from our anguish, anger, sadness, shame etc.

Somatic awareness connects you with your body again and is the first step to letting go of the physical tension and strain, which then also diffuses the difficult feelings.

Most of us experience regular ‘Flight or Fight’ reactions in our body and most of us have not learned the ‘Relaxation Response’ to return to after.
Flight or Fight is an instinctive response to actual danger, after which the body should come back to relaxation after the danger has passed. However most of us have Flight or Fight Patterning from childhood which still causes us to react physically and emotionally in perceived similar scenarios.

The reaction pattern shapes how we hold our physical body and dysregulates our breathing and thinking; creating the emotional states that affect our happiness. Sometimes we have carried these patterns for so long that we identify with them as our personality and our normal posture. It can make us feel we are powerless, angry, disconnected, lonely, anxious, constantly in danger, fearful etc. Our reaction patterns limit how we are able to experience every aspect of our lives: love, family, career, health and so forth. So our patterning comes to distort our reality and constrict our self-expression. Through the Body-Oriented approach you can experience what is actually happening and respond to it in the moment, without the emotional residue of the past.

In therapy it also used as a foundation for the integration of trauma. With the practice of somatic awareness your body comes a safe place to feel difficult feelings and integrate traumatic experiences. This works to overcome IE depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship issues andOCD ( obsessive compulsive disorder ).

What is your result?

Your outcome will be that you will be able to make clear conscious choices about how you want to live and go ahead and do it!! Because…. you are present in your body and unclouded in your mind. Once your body is used to this technique it takes less and less effort to be there, stay there and live there and create the future from there!!


In 2016 I finished the Core Evolution Certificate in Integrative & Body-Oriented and Mindfulness Centred Therapy at The International Institute for Energy & Consciousness founded by Siegmar Gerken Phd. www.coreevolution.com
I combine this approach with my my training in Holistic Counselling at the Holistic Living Training Institute in Victoria (2003).
The way I approach my practice is thoroughly influenced by my creative process as an artist and also my ongoing journey participating and facilitating InterPlay here in Newcastle and other parts of the country. Where Body-Oriented Psychotherapy is regulating and integrative, InterPlay is creative and expressive. www.interplayaus.com.au

Ready to give it a go?

Ring me on 0418 992 166, I look forward to hearing from you!

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