Fundraising for Jenny’s Place: Women’s Domestic Violence and Homelessness Support in Newcastle

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These three pen drawings were sold with 100% of the proceeds going to Jenny’s Place Women’s Domestic Violence and Homelessness Support in Newcastle

Jenny’s Place marked their 40th anniversary in September 2017. At a celebration dinner, my lovely friend Suzie Romani presented a memorial booklet chronicling the history of Jenny’s Place. Suzie had been a long-term supporter and book-keeper for Jenny’s Place. She captured the many inspiring stories that had unfolded over the years in beautiful and insightful words. She also commissioned me to create three drawings – one to convey the offering of refuge and the other two to illustrate a couple of the myriad anecdotes she included in the booklet.




1. Offering Refuge’ – pen on paper, size 20x28cm

‘Jenny’s Place “The Birth of a Dream” is about women. Women and their dependent children who arrived in police cars, ambulances and taxis, to be taken in, cared for, listened to, nourished and counselled for short times at critical stages in their lives and who then left with hugs and hopes and the promise of ongoing support if they chose.’ – S. Romani







2. ‘Waiting for Police’ – pen on paper, size 20x18cm

‘The Phoebe Street Days – Phoning for police assistance as an enraged husband threw rocks on the roof of the house. The terrified residents took over the phone call while the worker chased after the man. When two young police officers arrived five minutes later (the quickest time ever) they roared laughing at the sight of the little refuge worker sitting on the back of a burly male. This was back in the ‘old police days’, The husband was not charged.’ – S. Romani





3. Sunning vaginas on doctor’s orders – pen on paper, size 20x20cm

“A classic example of the absurd was a well-remembered mid-1980s Women’s Health directive suggesting refuges advise clients that an excellent way to avoid cystitis would be to expose their vaginas to the sunlight for ten minutes each day!  At lighter moments during a shift, workers imagined attempting to persuade a group of fragile knicker-less women to raise their skirts and perform a ritual morning can-can in the grassless backyard with the distinct possibility of Bill peeping through his bathroom window”. – S. Romani



If you would like to purchase one or more of these drawing to support this important service please email me: Margot Broug, at [email protected]

If you would like to see more of my art and poetry, find me on Instagram: @margotsbroug  or @margotsophiabroug or on FaceBook:

Jenny’s Place has given me ‘Authority To Fundraise’ and all money raised will go to them. Their logo is used by me with their permission.

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