Peace Doves Waiting For An Opportunity to Infiltrate the Big Thought

 In Art & Philosophy

The background of the painting was there for a while before the more abstract shape over the top. Paintings have their own journey to completion and sometimes it takes a couple of weeks, sometimes years. This probably took a year. I enjoyed layering the colour and seeing the shapes of the doves appear in the left side of the painting. Then for a while it didn’t pull me. But then when it did I was drawn to create the shape over the top and at the same time the title came to me. I finished this painting in 2019 and I feel like it is a prediction of what we’re going through in our global Covid experience. The peace doves that sit in our collective unconsciousness look for opportunities to bring their message into our individual and so our collective consciousness.
Through Covid many of us have had to re-calibrate our lives and our thinking to be able to adapt to the situation, which are at once deeply personal but also widely shared. Part of the flexibility that we had to learn is with our feelings, about ourselves and others. Things that often, through busy-ness and distraction have gone into our unconscious.
Mostly when I paint, I don’t think beforehand about what I am going to do. I focus on doing what feels enjoyable and time and time again, something comes to the surface. Whether this arises from what is my own subconscious or a shared subconscious who knows. However working in this way is satisfying because of the mystery where the images come from. It is also satisfying because whatever image is completed and the title that it is given feels like a message, something that can enrich my life.

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