Insights into last years exhibiton: The Earth For My head

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The Earth For My Head: this is the name that came to me for my exhibition in 2018. The title always comes after the fact. I started with just drawing a head for the simple reason that I enjoy drawing heads and always have, from a young age. I allowed myself the luxury of not having to add hair or even a body; just a neck that earths itself in a horizontal line that becomes a landscape by adding a tree.

I love drawing heads for the sake of creating that beautiful rounded shape of the skull and then the face. I enjoy how the face appears, with its unexpected expression, out of the strokes of my brush. I also relish the use of colour; mixing it and then applying it as a texture, sometimes thick and rich and sometimes dry and thin, sometimes only one layer, or sometimes thin layer over thin layer allowing the one colour to shine through another colour.
I feel attracted to some of the faces more than others; I feel I relate to them. They give me an experience of connection on the inside; a sense of happiness, joy and gratitude.

I also wondered what my subconscious was trying to convey to me through the paintings and also through the title.
The earth for my head; the title, I feel, is about grounding thought forms or embodying consciousness. Making real in the world, what was immaterial. Bringing into existence something that was only in the imagination or the subconscious before.
And maybe that is also what art does anyway…. Making manifest what was unmanifest.

The images themselves convey to me different aspects of my inner state. And the inner state fluctuates and its different aspects all have their feeling imprint that appear under my brush and end up showing themselves to me in their faces looking back at me; sometimes squarely and sometimes not quite.

I have learned that I get most satisfaction out of the art process (and writing titles for paintings or poetry) when I show up with no pre-conceived idea of what I’m going to do. My inner self then has an opportunity to have free reign and show me something that is ultimately enriching and deeply connective. All I need to do is show up and follow my enjoyment. How good is that?

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