All I Know Is Myself

 In Poetry, Art & Philosophy

All I know is myself.
Others really are a mystery.
And I am a mystery to them.

All I can live is my own life
All I can hear are my own thoughts
All I can feel are my own feelings
All I can know is from my own experience
All I can ever inhabit is my own space
Only ever in my body

I can see you with my eyes
I can hear you with my ears
I can touch you with my hands
I cannot know your thoughts
I cannot feel your feelings
I cannot fathom your experience in your body

I can enter your space with mine
My body close to yours
Closer, closer, I want to be
I want to be
I want
To be

So I open

I can be
Fearless heart!
Will you be…
Fearless with me?

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