Spiritual Practice and Self-Development Approached with Curiosity and Enjoyment!!

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Thanks Rupert! (Watch Rupert Spira’s video below!!)
Rupert talks about choosing to engage in spiritual practice for the sake of understanding suffering, rather than trying to be rid of your suffering. This is the same, I believe, for how we can choose to engage with our self-development practices. Rather than engaging with it from a desire to distract ourselves or rid ourselves from our suffering, we can use it (with a sense of curiosity)as a means of understanding our suffering.
In InterPlay we focus on enjoyment to emphasise it.
In your life, lean towards focussing on and emphasising your enjoyment. If you primarily focus on your suffering (with the focus on getting rid of it) you might come to emphasise your experience of it. Below video has lots of nuggets!😉



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