Sometimes The Light Is Clearer At Night: What do you see when you look?

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In drawing this, I was showing myself the intuitive reality I perceive of living things all deriving their vitality from the same source. Sometimes I experience reality in a way that is sometimes not able to be put into words. And so when I draw it clarifies it for me.
When I draw, paint or write poetry I don’t think about what I am going to draw, write or paint. I don’t even have a question or query. I feel drawn to a starting point on the paper, or in the case of a poem I am given a word or a little sentence.
So to start the creative process I make the step of putting pencil/paint to surface and moving with it. Or in the case of poetry I will write the first word(s) without knowing what that word signifies. It is this trust and the letting go of needing to know the outcome, that sets me on the road of creating something. It has its own trajectory in which I participate. And in the end, I have a drawing that clarifies the experience or idea that was only half shaped and understood before. Or in the case of poetry, the poem tells me something that completes a half knowledge that was only intuitively grasped. Or sometimes the poem tells me something that meets me emotionally or spiritually. So in showing up and participating I am given something; something for my Self. I have learned it is therefor important to have it for myself first, before sharing it with others.
However, the trajectory of some paintings takes years run its course, and even then the message might not present itself to me until much later again.

This drawing was clear to me straight away. But it might be something quite different for you. That is the beauty of art; that even though I have made the drawing, you can have your own perception of it and allow it to affect your experience or thinking.

Art works on us at a deeper level than our literal reality; if we allow. Sometimes we might  immediately seek to define what we see, instead of allowing ourselves to be affected by what we see and perceive that instead; what is this telling me, what experience does it evoke in me?

Approaching art in this way is experiential and interactive, rather than just intellectual; observing with your Self rather than only looking for definition.

And so to come back to what the drawing portrays…. In our literal perception of reality, we might perceive the cat, the man, the woman, the plant and the tree to be separate and not connected. However, when perceived with a different level of sensory sensitivity; we might find them one.

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