Freedom: To live freedom requires you to know what you want!

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When we feel restricted by life, we yearn for freedom; we yearn for ‘freedom-from-restriction’. And so we work towards letting go of what restricts us.

However, once we have let go of restrictions, we just have freedom as is. We want ‘freedom-from-restriction’, but we don’t get just ‘freedom-from-restriction’, we just get freedom…..

Big Empty, New Freedom!!

Maybe we might actually want some restriction to feel safe. We might actually want some boundaries to contain our experience. And so to be able to have this freedom; to have this big empty freedom, we also need to allow ourselves a container; a shaping of our life.
Without this shape or container, old feelings of not feeling safe can resurface and retrigger protective impulses. Which means you will be creating restriction of freedom all over again!!

To be in and live freedom requires you to know what you want; what you want to create in your life; what you want to experience and act on it. Knowing what you want is the impulse to give shape to your life and then step into that shape by taking action.

This doesn’t need to be in a big way; it doesn’t matter how big or small the step or action, as long as you do take it!
And as you step and take action, be in your breath and heart; be nowhere but where you are and stand.

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