Art Practice: Colour, shape and texture beckon…

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The pleasure of colour; mixing colour; colours together side by side…. Showing each other off..
One thin wet wash over the dried colour underneath, like looking through a veil. Thick brush strokes, grappling with each others’ nearness in thickness and colour.

Making a shape with pen or brush; a shape that feels so good; so good I could eat it! And then sometimes, following the line; millimetre by millimetre, seeing where it wants to go. Like holding someone’s hand to guide me, and me with my eyes closed.

Unearthing a facial expression or expressive abstract dynamic to make my heart sing. I could gaze at it forever; like into a newborn’s face.

And then…. Painting over it, something totally new and unrelated. Letting go of all that felt beautiful, enjoyable and right and starting it all over again. Still, the beauty and enjoyment is there, underneath the new: giving depth, mystery and a foundation for what is to come.

Sometimes the enjoyment isn’t there; it’s been too hard sought and therefor unfound. A dead end: nothingness; dissatisfaction…. and even hopelessness if I unconsciously allow it. But even those moments pass; those moments without enjoyment or beauty. They pass. So I leave that moment for the next moment. There is always a next one.

I come back for another encounter and the nothingness is gone. There is a new start instead, with a prepared foundation…. Of beauty, enjoyment, chaos; loose ends ready to become heart strings.

Colour, shape and texture beckon…

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