Why Self-Love?

 In Short Stories

If you were offered the chance of self-love, would you take it? Would you be prepared to let go of all unloving beliefs about yourself and accept love wholeheartedly? Would you choose to commit to your-self for life and for the sake of life?

Some misunderstand what self-love is and what it is about. They might think it means that someone selfishly pursues their own desires to the detriment of others. They might be of the opinion that pursuing self-love stands in negation of the culturally and spiritually held virtue of selflessness and self-sacrifice. Unfortunately this view often holds back the natural urge to make decisions for ourselves that are self-affirming and self-nurturing, believing that others should always be first.

However, consider the following….

Self-love is ultimately about recognising  and holding yourself to be paradoxically divine and human at the same time. It is recognising the power of Love; Love indeed being a force, which when enacted humanly; in the world, makes it a better place; Love on earth. On some level everything and everyone are one and at this level all is Love. So self-love implies not only love of the human self as individual, but also the self as the infinite oneness of all things. At this level those ‘two selves’ are merged; I and All are One.

We need our divine self to access this state of Love through self-love so our physical bodily humanness can bring Love in the world through our words and actions. Separated from that state, human action remains a mechanical attempt to be loving guided by emotions and/or cultural dictates…. however well-intentioned. The force of Love on its own cannot birth itself into reality, into life on earth, it needs the human hearts and hands.

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