Wholehearted Living; From The Inside Out

 In Short Stories

From the inside out
One of the first things to realise about a wholehearted life is that it is generated from inside of you. To live wholeheartedly is to live through the heart; your very own heart in particular. Meeting its needs starts with paying attention to it; uncovering it; listening to it and feeling it. Your heart has a lot to say to you, not only about its dreams for you, but also about its anger and sorrows.

Uncovering the heart brings difficult and hurtful feelings to the surface, undoing the protection of a lifetime but at the same time giving new life to you and your body. Feeling and acknowledging these hurts leads you directly to knowing what the heart wants, so you can create new ways of being and doing in the world. This then is where the heart teaches you to compassionately observe what holds you back and/or what makes you unhappy.

Everybody wants to live according to values that are important to them. Everyone wants to experience feeling wholly alive; being all they can be. Your Heart wants this just like any other Heart and it wants to experience this and be this in its very own essential way.

My Heart dreams of expressing itself tenderly; gently and softly. It also dreams of expressing itself passionately, dynamically and freely. Living wholeheartedly means everyday feels fresh and new. I am creative in how I live; no longer doing something today just because I did it yesterday or because that’s how others have always done it or because that is how it should be done.

For me
For me wholehearted living is about discovering again and again how to live a life that is authentic to who I am and  then to actually live that life. My life in which my heart, body, mind and my spirit are fully expressed congruently as a whole. It is to breathe deeply and fully; breathing and moving past the restrictions of the past and find a wider experience of myself in every next moment. To experience life as the answer to the question: ‘Who am I?’.
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