The Most Important Relationship

 In Short Stories

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself. It is the quality of this relationship that determines any relationship with anyone or anything you’ll ever have. It makes sense to make that relationship as good as possible. It also makes sense therefore to become aware of how we are relating to ourselves right now and whether this is working or not. From that understanding we can make informed choices to improve what needs improvement and build on what we already know.

Everyone is aware of and observes the relationships they have to others. We know who we have issues with; who pushes our buttons; people we feel drawn to and people we feel uncomfortable with. Most of us however, are less aware of how we relate to ourselves.

Become aware for a moment of how you talk to yourself and how you look after yourself. How you relate to yourself is in everything you feel, think and experience; YOUR experience in YOUR life in this world RIGHT NOW.

All the things by which I normally qualify a relationship with another, can be taken to qualify the relationship with myself. And even though I can often be quite clear about my relationship values regarding others, the values I hold subconsciously regarding myself can offer quite a different picture. Do I value my needs, talents, opinions etc as much as I might value those of others whom I feel close to? Or do I value these aspects of myself more similarly to someone I don’t like as much?

So consider your relationship to yourself; what you like about it and what you would like to improve. What would your ideal relationship look and feel like?

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