The Joy of Creative Self-Expression

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Being creative is not just about being artistic, although it can be the particular skill or talent through which we express ourselves. Being creative is not just about achieving the creation of a thing, although it is the end result. Being creative is about expressing the self; externalising what is inside of us; bringing our essence into the world; incarnating, again and again; never the same. Just as we need to keep breathing to stay alive, we need to keep self-expressing in order to be alive as individual beings.

Self-expression becomes blocked when feelings have been suppressed; they remain internalised where they affect our behaviour, our thoughts and our interpretations. And what is internalised becomes part of the subconscious. Difficult and painful feelings have no way of being released and block other more enjoyable feelings as well. Suppressed feelings become subconscious patterns that govern thoughts and behaviour, making us behave and feel the same way over and over again, blocking creativity.
It is then that we can become depressed; feeling disconnected, dissatisfied, empty and joyless. Our feelings have stopped moving freely which stops the body moving freely. And then our essence or spirit cannot find, within our being, a channel to express itself through. It is like everything stops, keeping you exactly where you least want to be. To come out of this, is to move again, in our feelings, in our body and in our spirit.
Connecting to our feelings is connecting to who we are. It is in fact the painful feelings that drive us to learn how to cope; creating some of our most treasured skills and strengths.
However, for our creativity to move from being something that gives others enjoyment or allows us to simply cope, we need to connect to all of who we are and all of what we experience inside. In engaging in this process, we allow ourselves to satisfy the deep desire to bring ourselves into the world; to find and live our own experience among that of others.
Our feelings are our response to our particular experience in the world. They describe our experience of ourselves among others in the world and they influence our actions. So creativity becomes the natural result of giving our selves; our essence, expression. Finding creative ways of externalising what is inside; feeling and acknowledging our feelings, is then felt as living authentically and truthfully as the individual that you are.
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