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‘While I dance I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole. That is why I dance.’ – Hans Bos

Oooooh aren’t Moving & Playing & Dancing wonderful? Especially moving how you WANT to move, among other people who are also doing their own thing.

InterPlay, besides being full of expressive fun, for me also epitomises the truth of how we can all move & play together in a fairly small space, in our own way; acknowledging and delighting in the dance of others without feeling the need to emulate; and without ever having any major crashes with others. And for me, part of the joy is that if I can and others can do this in this space, we know it can be done in our everyday lives as well.

I always get so much insight out of InterPlay; what my boundaries are, how I feel and move around others; men and women. In vocalisation I can use all my different voices and characters; serious and fun, sad and happy. In dance I can feel the tension of a certain discomfort come up and dance my way through it, or take the necessary dancing steps to take me where I feel more comfortable. And as I take these steps, and make a new dance for that moment I am also aware that new neurological pathways are being created in my brain, which will help me work with similar situations out in the world. In InterPlay there is space to be slow and still amidst the chaos of fast moving bodies and to experience that fully in the body, senses and consciousness.

There is the beautiful stillness and nearness of others to breathe in and out. Then there is the chaos of all our different ways of moving and expressing alongside each other and sometimes during this, there is a meeting up in the body or in the eyes. There is power in the rising up of energy, as everyone moves from slow to fast, allowing their essence to rise on the tide of their own creative movement. There is a homecoming when at Play, in the body-self and body-community.

In daily life our essence is often constricted in how it is able to express itself. Constrictions come in the shape of beliefs and posture. The rules and constrictions in everyday life sometimes seem too tight to change, and the risk of doing something different, speaking out, or going against those boundaries often seems just too much of a struggle.
What is needed is a space like InterPlay where we can express our essence freely, pull a bit at our constrictions, allow just even a bit more movement; movement that comes on the tide of our essence and not from our well-rehearsed and well-heeded social conditioning.

In InterPlay, our essence gets to make new Grooves, literally and figuratively. Ploughing through the deep and dried up grooves which will no longer sprout our essence to make new ones over and over! Just keep playing!!

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