Blossom Into Various Mind

 In Short Stories

That day she blossoms into various mind.
Not wanting or being able to go back, she can only move up into it.
Squeezing her arms from where they were at her sides, moving them up past her body she reaches out above.
Pulling her body from the cocoon become constriction; thrashing her legs to break them free.
But then what?
She is free. What to do with her freedom?
She smells the world; sees its colours; hears its sounds; all the things muffled before now clear.
All she can do is stay where she is and allow the world to come to her. And it is… coming towards her fast.
Then she realises her breath and starts breathing; breathing in the world as it comes towards her. Breathing deeply as it all speeds to where she is.
The smells and the colours and the sounds become feelings in her body; tingling, pressure and the release of pressure, warmth, cool and heat inside and outside, water and wind on the skin.
As she is feeling it all, she realises the holding of her breath.
She lets the out-breath go together with the world she has breathed in and held in; the emptying feeling as exquisite as the filling up.
And there before her… life unfolds; in the space in front of her, unfurling on her out breath.
Now she can walk
Now she can do
Now she can touch the world as she steps into it.
But always the breath, it comes first; breathing in life and then out… to make that life her own.

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