Young Beauty

 In Short Stories

When spirit is in a young body we are struck by the beauty of life that is manifest in that young body. We think that the beauty we are struck by is the unblemished appearance of that body, whereas what is really striking us is the unblemishedness; the innocence; the integrity of their spirit.

As we grow older our spirit becomes covered with the blemishes and distortions of who we believe we are and what we believe the world needs us to be. It is this that we see in ourselves or the world, when we perceive ugliness, or when we see ourselves as inadequate. However, we mistake what we perceive as being about appearance. We think WE are what is ugly, we think it is others that are ugly, or that it is the world that is an ugly place. When in fact it is the distortions of what love is, that separates us from others; covers up spirit; spirit in us and everything else. It is the distortion that is ugly. It is the distorted beliefs that we hold about ourselves and others that grow us old and dried out.

Hopefully as we grow older we grow wiser; as we lose our physical sight we develop our deep seeing; as our physical hearing fails we develop our deeper listening. As our body ages and sags; as we let go of the restrictions of our own and society’s beliefs, we discover our spirit unblemished beneath; intact and innocent. We uncover beauty again.

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