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Holistic counselling & body oriented psychotherapy

Hi, I’m Margot.

I’d like to tell you a bit more about myself so you can get a better idea of what kind of person I am and what kind of therapist I can be for you.
Firstly, I have over 15 years experience as a holistic counsellor. In that time I have worked with depression, anxiety, major life changes (voluntary and involuntary) and couples. I use a range of therapeutic modalities such as meditation, mindfulness, Body-Oriented Psychotherapy (Core Evolution Therapy) and Reiki. Besides helping people resolve their core causes of depression and unhappiness, I support people to build and live the life of their dreams in many practical and creative ways.

To make an appointment call me on: 0418 992 166 or email [email protected]

Holistic Counselling

Through Holistic Counselling & CoreEvolution Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, you’ll not only move through your struggle, but you will find a new foundation for life. Right now you might not be able to see past your current difficulty, but you WILL uncover yourself and find you have everything you need to create the life you want!
In your sessions we’ll do Core work to release painful feelings and old behavioural patterns, besides creating new habits (of living, thinking, seeing and being) specifically aligned with who you are.

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About Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

Body-Oriented Psychotherapy offers a way of overcoming and integrating trauma, regulating and diffusing anxiety, depression and difficult feelings. It also offers a way to have choices in how you experience life and how you want to shape it and….. how to action those choices.  The technique is based on a mindful somatic awareness which is incredibly quick and practical in its use and effectiveness.

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There is so much more to you and your life than struggle!

Through Holistic Counselling & CoreEvolution Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, you’ll not only move through your struggle, but you will find a new foundation for life.



  • I have worked with a few different styles of therapy over the years but the work I do with Margot gives me such an emotional release; it helps me process and genuinely move through my issues. Not just talk about them. I know if I am ever low or let the 'thoughts' rule instead of reality, I always have access to someone who will not only listen and genuinely care but also offers tools to support me and help me move past my limiting beliefs. Working with Margot is something I actually look forward to because I feel amazing and calm after every session. Thanks from me, so amazing Margot!

    Simone K
  • Margot, Thank you so much for helping me come to terms with a bunch of issues that have gnawed away at my self-worth for years since adolescence. You skilfully and gently guided me to discover for myself that these particular monkeys on my back were not mine to own and that I could let them go. Let them go I did and it has transformed me and the relationship with my partner in very positive ways. We were both astonished at the speed and scale of this transformation and we are very grateful for your help in achieving this wonderful outcome.

    Gary, Newcastle
  • Thank you Margot. I learned a lot about myself through spending time with you. Your creative and open-ended methods were so helpful to me on my journey! You are a wise and intuitive woman!

    Rikki I. Newcastle
  • Margot holds such a warm, safe and nurturing space. I always felt welcomed and the encouragement to explore things that would arise for me from session to session. Margots’ approach is both dynamic and soothing, as well as highly creative and responsive in adapting to and honouring my personal process. Working across many modalities including counselling, movement, visualisation, Reiki and sandplay created an alchemy of healing that I feel grateful to have experienced and would recommend to anyone.

    A.H. Newcastle
  • I went to Margot for a number of counselling sessions when I felt challenged by my life situation mentally and spiritually. What I really liked in Margot's approach was that it was holistic and that she very creative in her methods. She helped me to "reunite" heart and brain and helped me to gain another level of awareness for my situation, always without judgement. If you are open to self exploration and committed to create change, then Margot is the right person to support you.

    Nicole K. Newcastle
  • I have been a client of Margot’s for around 2 years, and in that time, she has been an incredible guide, helping me release blockages, relax into life and feel overall more peaceful.  After each session with Margot, I come away feeling a deep sense of calm and peace.  She is very intuitive and dedicated to helping others unlock internal secrets and desires.  I look forward to every session with joy!

    F. E., Newcastle
  • Margot helped me through a busy time, guiding me to find more clarity. She uses an array of different techniques I found helpful, in a peaceful environment.

    T. J., Wallsend
  • I came to counselling with Margot because my partner and I had been fighting a lot. Not only did she help us learn how to communicate more effectively with each other, she helped us as individuals, teaching us new ways to understand ourselves. In just a few sessions I have learned many new techniques to help become more grounded and connected within myself and with my partner. Margot's presence is calming and both my partner and I felt at ease talking with her about our troubles. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of themselves, and to learn better ways of communication with those close to you. I look forward to my next session with Margot!

    H. K., Newcastle
  • Working with Margot helped me discover my self-worth. Her techniques taught me how to trust myself, and her understanding and compassion allowed me to be honest with where I was, where I wanted to be and how I saw myself in the world. Margot helped me understand what was important in my life by allowing me to be open and vulnerable in our discussions. I left each session with a sense of peace and stillness as a result of her intuitive guidance. I will be forever grateful to have met such a wonderful person who's endless encouragement and support will never be forgotten. Thankyou Margot.

    V. Fable
  • Margot's use of Holistic Counseling and Body-oriented Psychotherapy not only treats the outward symptoms but gets down to the core issues that are trapped inside the body and are sometimes unknown to the mind. Margot's techniques are soft and subtle and create ongoing coping strategies in a safe and caring environment. If you're not one for traditional psychotherapy Margot is definitely the person to see as she incorporates the body and movement in the healing process which helps you to create your own safety and creates a greater and deeper healing of the body and mind. Margot is funny, friendly and brilliant at what she does.

    Rhiannon F. Newcastle

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