There is so much more to you and your life than struggle!

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Through Holistic Counselling & CoreEvolution Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, you'll not only move you through your struggle, but you will find a new foundation for life. Right now you might not be able to see past your current difficulty, but you WILL uncover yourself and find you have everything you need to create the life you want!
In your sessions we'll do Core work to release painful feelings and old behavioural patterns, besides creating new habits (of living, thinking, seeing and being) specifically aligned with who you are.

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Reiki is a wonderful and gentle energy modality that has many healing benefits. It can be beneficial by itself, or as I do; combined with counselling.  It is great for relieving anxiety, releasing emotional pain and for getting awareness and insight into yourself. It connects you more deeply to your inner self; emotionally and spiritually, and is wonderfully soothing for the body. It leaves you feeling more at peace, balanced, grounded and ‘together’; connected to yourself. 

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Gary, Newcastle - Margot, Thank you so much for helping me come to terms with a bunch of issues that have gnawed away at my self-worth for years since adolescence. You skilfully and gently guided me to discover for myself that these particular monkeys on my back were not mine to own and that I could let them go. Let them go I did and it has transformed me and the relationship with my partner in very positive ways. We were both astonished at the speed and scale of this transformation and we are very grateful for your help in achieving this wonderful outcome.

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